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Family Court Lawyers Can Help in a Divorce

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Divorce attorney riverside

As you may be aware, divorce rates are rising in the United States. Approximately 50% of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Statistics show that an estimated 41% of first marriages will end in divorce, and an estimated 73% of third marriages will end in divorce proceedings. And, in the United States, an average of four divorces are filed every minute.
If you are facing a divorce, it is imperative that you find family court lawyers to help you through the process and represent you in court. What do family lawyers do? Family court lawyers deal with marriage, civil unions, and other partnerships, and work with divorce and child custody cases. You might be interested to know that in the United States, many jurisdictions have family courts that are the most crowded.
During a divorce, you will face

Can You File Bankruptcy Twice?

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What happens in chapter 13 bankruptcy

Do you find yourself in a situation where you may be wondering about can you file bankruptcy twice. A lot of people have this very same question. Yes, you filed bankruptcy previously, and through unforeseen circumstances, you are once again drowning in debt. This is when the question of can you file bankruptcy twice goes to the top of your financial questions.
There are certain situations regarding can you file bankruptcy twice. For example, can you file bankruptcy twice will depend on the type of bankruptcy you are looking at filing. Also, the length of time since your last bankruptcy filing will effect the answer to can you file bankruptcy twice. Also, the type of your first bankruptcy will determine whether can you file bankruptcy twice or not.
If your first bankruptcy was a Chapter 7

Top Mistakes Applicants Make During the Interview

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Eighty-seven percent of employers and recruiting services admit that they make final decisions about hiring during the first 15 minutes of a job interview, Business Insider reports. What actions can immediately hurt your chances? From unprofessional dress to being overly self-aggrandizing, there are certain behaviors that you need to carefully reign in.

Mistakes That Will Cost You the Job

One of the easiest mistakes to make is coming across as too confident and self-involved. Although narcissists traditionally perform better during job interviews (according to Business Insider), applicants should keep discussion relevant and to the point at all times. Frame qualifications and self-promotion in the context of the position, company, and what — specifically