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When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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If you’ve been in an accident, the best personal injury lawyers can get you the compensation for your injuries that you deserve. But not everyone knows when to call a personal injury attorney for their case. So how can you tell when your case warrants a lawyer? Here are some instances of when to call a personal injury attorney:

  • If your injuries are permanently disabling or will take a long time to recover, it can be hard for you to determine how much compensation to seek on your own. One-time injuries are a little more cut-and-dry, but costs of a lasting injury are harder to predict. A lawyer can help you figure out how much you deserve from the party that injured you. If your injuries were severe, you may also need a

The Basics of Family Law

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Law is a broad category that encompasses a number of different areas. Family law is one area that lawyers may choose to go into that can also be broken down further into a number of subspecialties.

What is Family Law?

Family law is an area of law that focuses on any matters that have to do with family affairs. Most family law cases involve individuals that are either related by blood or by marriage, although more distant relationships may still fall under the category of family law at times. Family law cases can include marriage, divorce, civil unions, adoption, child custody, child support, domestic violence and abuse cases. In the U.S., a divorce is

How Does The Appeal Process Work?

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Any person who has been convicted of a crime can appeal the decision to convict if they believe a legal error has occurred. It’s a popular misconception that any case can be appealed, but there actually has to be legal basis to do so.
When a case is being appealed, the former defendant, now referred to as the appellant, will find an attorney and have them file a notice of appeal to a higher court, the appellate court, which includes a written summary of their argument toward the appeal and asks for them to review the record and determine whether legal errors occurred. This process can be long, since the party who is being appealed must send a written response to the claims, and then the appellant can respond to them in writing before the case moves forward.
From there, the appeals cou