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Three Odd, Animal Laws You Didn’t Know Even Existed

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Obviously, humans are the subject to nature, but perhaps you didn’t know that the reverse is true as well, or at least according to our law books. Several states have legal statutes making it illegal for animals to do certain things (or by extension, for animals’ owners to allow them to do those things).

Here are just a few wacky legal statutes attempting to control the behavior of animals that our own law research was able to dig up.

It’s Illegal For Llamas to Graze on City Property.

Believe it or not, Colorado has a legal statute stating that if a person owns, possess, or controls a llama, cow, goat, sheep, pig, horse, mule, or burro, they must not allow the animal to graze, pasture, or run on any city property. Most amusing about this legal statute, perhaps, is the

Trying To Fight a Traffic Ticket? Here Are Three Starting Points for a Defense

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Anyone who has ever gotten a traffic ticket — even the smallest of misdemeanor traffic offenses, with an equally small punishment — will know how taxing a ticket can be on one’s bank account and one’s mental and emotional health. Simply admitting defeat, accepting the ticket, and paying the subsequent fine can often seem like a better option, especially compared to a drawn-out court process that could become pretty expensive.

But if there’s any chance at all that you could beat your ticket or have the charges (and punishments) reduced, most traffic lawyers will advise that you do so. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a short list of some of the most common defenses used to fight traffic tickets:

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Many people love enjoying the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle, but as fun as it can be, motorcycles can also be extremely dangerous. With little to no protection during accidents, motorcyclists face a much higher rate of injury and death than do drivers of other vehicles. Knowing the common causes motorcycle accidents can help bikers lower their risk of injury or death and help keep other drivers on the road safe as well. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  1. Head-on Collision – This is a common cause of motorcycle accidents and usually is the result of a car and motorcycle colliding with each other. Head-on car and bike accidents often result in the death of the motorcyclist due to the high impact of the crash.

Personal Injury Lawyers Keep Accident Survivors Above Water

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Did you know? Every 13 minutes, some one is fatally injured in a car accident in the United States. For so many people, a ride to work or to the super market turns into a life-changing altercation that is fraught with moral and legal implications. In fact, car accidents are among the most common causes of personal injury law suits in the United States. Lawyers for auto accidents are often personal injury lawyers who know all about personal injury law and can help clients get the best outcome after injuring another person in an auto collision.

Auto collisions can be devastatingly sad but in some ways, it’s the cost of doing business. No one means to to initiate

Three Common Types of Domestic Violence Abuse

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Domestic violence charges typically arise from a person inflicting abuse on a person close to them, like a spouse or family member. Someone who is charged with domestic violence could face jail time, license revocation, and loss of child custody. Domestic violence abuse can take many forms. Here are three of the most common forms and the basics of getting an order of protection.

1. Physical
This is one of the best known forms of what is considered domestic violence. Physical harm like hitting, scratching, and choking all constitute physical domestic violence. Other behaviors like withholding medications, forcing a person to injure himself or herself,

Tips For Finding a Reputable Workers Compensation Attorney

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Getting injured while on the job can be a stressful experience, and can have severe mental, emotional, and obvious physical consequences. While you may be focused on your recovery, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced and reputable work comp attorney as soon as possible following your accident. In some jurisdictions, cases can become null and void if action is not taken within a certain period of time following the incident.

Often times, those who are injured on the job may be in haste to put the matter behind them. In their haste, they may opt to settle for a lower amount than they deserve. As such, it’s important to know and understand your rights prior to discussing any compensation from an insurance company or your employer. An experienced work comp attorney can help you n