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How Can a Bail Bond Agency Help You, Educate Yourself

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Misdemeanor bonds

Unfortunate events happen every day to good people. Could it be bad luck? Or maybe just a poor decision in the heat of the moment? Not everyone who is arrested on suspicion of a crime deserves to sit for long periods of time in a jail cell awaiting their day in court. We have all had those off days; but when those circumstances arise and land us in a booking room, that is when we could consider the assistance of a bail bond agency and a bail bondsman.

Remember: It is your legal right to bail.

Incarceration in the United States: Fast Facts

Nearly 52% of men living in the US will be arrested at some point during their lives. Even more disturbing, nearly 60% of those incarcerated have not been convicted of a crime, but are merely awaiting a resolution from the courts. When seeking resources t