5 Tips for Surviving Your Divorce

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Reasons for divorce
  1. Every year, a lot of marriages end in divorce. In the United States, it has been estimated that every 36 seconds, a couple divorces. That amounts to almost 2,400 divorces every day, about 16,800 divorced every week and about 876,000 divorces each year. Given the number of divorces in the country, it is no surprise that there is no shortage of divorce advice. There are some things you can do to make sure you get through your divorce in one piece.
  2. Do not go in looking for blood. You may have some very valid and good reasons for hating your soon to be ex spouse but going into the divorce process with the idea that you will crush them will only hurt you in the long and the short run. When outsiders watch divorce proceedings, they are often struck by how petty people can get. Large scale batt