Pinched Nerves and Other Personal Injuries Can Cause Excruciating Pain

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It has been a rough few days.
After more than two weeks you are still having the nerve pain and tingling in your arm, and you have more recently noticed that you have a difficult time gripping things with your left hand, so you have made a follow-up appointment with your doctor.
Yesterday at the appointment, the doctor informed you that you have severe spinal stenosis in your cervical vertebrae in my neck. The doctor went on to explain this as the narrowing of the area around the spinal cord and nerves that run down a person’s neck and spine. The physician said that she suspects the nerve pain and tingling you have been experiencing is related to this condition.
The next step is to have an EMG, also called a nerve study, done to determine where the pinch in the nerve is happening. When they prepare to do the EMG, they will stick a bunch of needles into your hand and arm, and will shot electrical pulses through those needles to determine which nerves are affected. Once they