Three Important Uses for eDiscovery Tools

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As time moves forward, cyber crime is becoming a bigger problem on many levels. According to the FBI, 280,000 cases of cyber crime were reported in 2012. However, according to AFCC, the problem is far bigger than that. AFCC puts the number of attempted cyber crimes closer to 800,000 in 2012. If successful, those attacks would have cost private citizens, governments, and companies close to $7.5 billion.

The fact is that as mobile use becomes more widespread, so too will the number of cyber crimes attempted across the world. Whether you are concerned for yourself, for the public at large, your business, or the government, using eDiscovery tools can help to shut down these criminals and increase everyone’s security.

  • Personal Protection
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    37% of mobile users check their phones every half an hour or more. They are constantly plugging in personal information over their social networks, through text messages, and in their emails. Further, we all use our phones as a way to store phone numbers and exceptionally private information. Securing your devices is key to your defense.

    Another 18% of mobile users utilize the GPS function in their phone. Many wonder “can I track a cell phone”. The answer is yes. In fact, using eDiscovery tools, law enforcement officials can track where you are and where you have been. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Imagine, you are being blamed for a crime you did not commit. Using eDiscovery tools, computer forensics investigators can discover that you were nowhere near the scene of the crime when it happened.

  • Public Protection
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    It is no secret that America has been the victim of many heinous crimes over the last decade. We often think of the physical evidence of these events, but what about computer forensic evidence? According to NBC News, the FBI used computer forensic analysis on the phone and computer belonging to the perpetrator of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Professionals usually make use of devices known as “flash” or “twister” boxes to retrieve mobile phone evidence from suspects’ cellular devices. With mobile phones, service providers, like ATandT, can provide law enforcement with logs detailing text message and call usage to help prove innocence or guilt. These eDiscovery tools and techniques are used everyday to keep Americans safe.

  • Governmental and Corporate Protections
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    Large corporations and governments often provide their employees with mobile devices for professional use. Using mobile phone forensics professionals, these powerful entities can better monitor how their devices are being used. This is extremely important when you consider how dangerous hacking can be both to state-run entities and economic powerhouses. As NBC News reports, one precise cyber attack could cripple the infrastructure of the United States. Using computer forensics experts helps to predict and prevent these sorts of issues.

As you can see, eDiscovery tools have many more uses than just finding out where we left our phones. Electronic discovery allows Fbi computer forensics to discover the truth behind terrible crimes committed against our country. It allows private citizens to prove their innocence. Perhaps most importantly, eDiscovery tools allow our country to protect its citizens and their interests. References.

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