Contact a Personal Injury Attorney to Learn More About How to File a Claim

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Accident attorneys handle different types of accidents. Depending on the firm, these might include being bitten by a dog, sustaining a slip and fall or burn injury while at work, or being in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

An accident attorney may focus on a specific type of accident or injury. They may, depending on their area of focus, be referred to as one or more of the following types of attorneys:

    Auto accident attorney
    Burn injury lawyer
    Personal injury lawyer
    Slip and fall lawyer
    Wrongful death lawyer


Four Things Your Car Accident Attorney Wishes You Knew

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Slip and fall lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances, there is one thing that almost all accident attorneys almost always hear the same comment from their clients. That they’d wish they’d known what to do immediately after being part of their automobile and motorcycle accidents, before they ever needed to know. Auto accident attorneys can do a lot on your behalf to get you the settlement you need after incurring injuries in an accident, however, there are many small details that occur immediately after being in the accident that greatly improve your accident attorney’s ability to get you all of the compensation you deserve.

We hope that you never have any reason to need a auto accident attorney, but if you ever h

May Is National Bike Month; Here’s Why We Don’t See More Bikes On The Road

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May is National Bike Month. Bicyclists all across the U.S. kicked off the month by celebrating Bike To Work Week May 11 through May 15. Others, including many Americans living in San Diego, California condense the event to just one day: Friday, May 29. In any case, National Bike Month, Bike To Work Week, and Bike To Work Day have many discussing the merits of bicycling and encouraging others to do it more often. It is an entirely pollution-free means of travel, and — particularly in cities with heavy traffic — riding a bicycle to work can actually be considerably faster. So why do the vast majority of Americans still hesitate to make biking to and from work (and other nearby places) a habit?

Many Fear Bicycling Is Unsafe

And, unfortunately, this fear is not entirely u