The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Many people love enjoying the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle, but as fun as it can be, motorcycles can also be extremely dangerous. With little to no protection during accidents, motorcyclists face a much higher rate of injury and death than do drivers of other vehicles. Knowing the common causes motorcycle accidents can help bikers lower their risk of injury or death and help keep other drivers on the road safe as well. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  1. Head-on Collision – This is a common cause of motorcycle accidents and usually is the result of a car and motorcycle colliding with each other. Head-on car and bike accidents often result in the death of the motorcyclist due to the high impact of the crash.
  2. Left-hand Turn – This is another situation that often involves a car and motorcycle and can result from a few different scenarios. First, the car making a left hand turn may hit a motorcyclist going through the intersection. Second, the motorcyclist may be trying to pass the car just as it is about to turn. Third, the motorcyclist may be trying to overtake the car that is turning, resulting in the car hitting the motorcycle.
  3. Lane Splitting – Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes, often when cars are stopped or are sitting in traffic. This is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because there is usually very little space between cars, the motorcyclist is driving slower and drivers have no idea that they are passing by.
  4. Speeding – Just as with any vehicle, speeding greatly increases a motorcyclists chances of getting in an accident and typically increases the severity of the accident. A high-speed crash can easily turn into a brain injury accident or even result in death for motorcyclists, especially if they aren’t wearing a helmet.
  5. Road Hazards – One last cause of motorcycle accidents is from hazards in the road. Things like potholes, dead animals and tire scraps are much more dangerous for motorcyclists because their bikes aren’t as stable as cars. If they accidentally run into one of these road hazards, they could easily be thrown from their motorcycle.

Many motorcycle accident attorneys handling personal injury lawsuits have clients who have been seriously injured and may even have extensive brain damage or have lost a limb as the result of a motorcycle accident. These are just some of the major risks motorcyclists face on the roads. If they aren’t cautious, one of these types of accidents could leave them in this situation. Read more like this.

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