Do You Need to Find a Divorce Lawyer?

Updated 07/15/22

Divorces are expected or unexpected events depending if you are the spouse who served or was served the papers. To meet this criterion, you must consider several factors, such as whether can a no-fault divorce be contested and can both husband and wife file for divorce. There are several ways of handling divorce matters legally. One of the ways is having divorce mediation help. Meditation is a preferred choice by couples who want to amicably separate and keep things on the low. Another way is by hiring a divorce law attorney to represent you. Your appointed lawyer will file the divorce papers and inform you of the court hearing dates. Also, you can file the divorce papers online.

When submitting divorce papers to court, ensure you have all the required documents to avoid the judge dismissing your case before it begins. You can get enough information online to help you with the whole procedure. If you get stuck, consult a lawyer. Moreover, seeking counseling during and after the divorce is good for your mental health. Divorces can be draining and taxing; hence you must ensure a good support system is present. Also, this is a great moment to discover new hobbies and interests that will take much of your downtime.

What appears to be working from the outside is not always what it seems. The couple up the street have been married for 27 years. He has a carpet cleaning business that he runs from his home and out of two personally owned utility vans. She was basically a stay at home mom until her youngest daughter started high school. With the two oldest children in college, the mom started working early mornings at a local bakery. From the outside, they were a perfect family. And then last summer the “house for sale” sign went up in the yard. The neighbors just assumed the couple was getting ready to downsize to a smaller home now that all three kids were out of school and living on their own. But what looked like a happy marriage had ended. The couple quickly sold their home and each went their separate ways.
Whether you are looking for a family law firm with experienced lawyers to help you settle an amicable divorce, or you are looking for attorneys to help you draft a will to insure that your wishes are followed when you are gone, experienced family law firms can help.
Close to 10% of the U.S. population is divorced. This means that 1.5 million American children’s parents divorce each and every year. It does not matter if these divorce proceedings are easy and uncontested or difficult courtroom battles over child custody that require hours of attorney time to determine alimony, every negotiation and mediation of divorce needs attorneys to file the paperwork. On average, divorce proceedings typically last about a year — even the simplest cases.
In addition to handling divorce cases, many family law firms also offer services for drafting and finalizing wills. Even though 55% of Americans don?t even have a will, it?s important that you are not part of this majority. Estate planning documents, especially if you have children, should be updated every three to five years to make sure you?ve designated the most appropriate people as caretakers of your will and guardians of your children.
According to “Business Insider,” a will, a living will, and a durable power of attorney are the three most important legal documents for any American to have. Although it involves an attorney, a will can usually be drafted in about 10 to 15 minutes.
Making end of life and end of marriage decisions are not always easy, but avoiding these difficult issues often makes the process more difficult than it needs to be. Family law firms and their attorneys can help you file for divorce if your marriage has ended, as well as prepare a will and other end of life legal documents.
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