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Accidents by the Numbers – A Shocking Look at When You May Need an Injury Attorney

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If you or your loved one is a victim of an accident, you may feel like demanding justice for your loss. Whether it’s a loss of income from not being able to work to an unfortunate loss of a life, compensation may be available to you. Accidents are all too common, and you may want to consider hiring an injury attorney when an accident results in harm. Here are some shocking statistics about accidents and wrongful death cases that prove how beneficial a lawyer can be.

  • Annually, about 1.3 million people die from automobile accidents.
    This averages out to about 3,287 deaths per day. Fatal car accidents are far more common than many people think. What happens when a life is lost in a motor vehicle accident? The family members of the deceased will often seek legal action. If you are the defendant, there can be a fine line to who is at fault for these accidents. Depending on the circumstances, you may be at risk of losing a lot and even facing jail time. An attorney at law will fight for you and use their knowledge to bring you the justice you deserve. The law is complicated, and a car accident lawyer will ensure that you are represented and protected by the law.
  • In 2013, over 3 million workplace injuries were reported.
    No matter your profession, workplace injuries can happen at any time. Are you covered if a workplace injury causes you to miss work and lose out on precious income? If you feel as if your workplace is not compensating you fairly, a personal injury attorney will ensure you get the money you need to survive on and pay your living expenses while you?re out of work. If you?re eligible for a settlement, an injury attorney will fight to get you the money you deserve.
  • About 225,000 people are victims of medical malpractice each year.Even hospitals can put you at risk if medical malpractice is involved. Medical professionals can make mistakes, but some mistakes are inexcusable or even fatal. Some of the most common malpractice cases are incorrect medicine dosages or accidents/missteps during a surgery. You trust medical professionals to do their job, but now you must trust an injury attorney to do theirs. You can hire a malpractice lawyer to settle a wrongful death lawsuit if a loved one or family member was a victim of a medical mistake.
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