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Taking A Look At Common Personal Injury Cases All Throughout The United States

From distracted driving to drunk driving to otherwise reckless driving, it’s no wonder that there are as many as six million car accidents all throughout the United States over the course of just one single year. And it’s also no surprise that car accidents and other such vehicle accidents that occur here in the United States cause up to fifty tow percent of all personal injury cases. After all, many car accidents have preventable causes and liability can all too clearly be determined.

Drunk driving, for instance, is just as incredibly common as it is incredibly dangerous. In fact, it is estimated that over the course of just one day, as many as three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated. Unfortunately, less than five thousand of them will actually be caught and arrested, leaving the rest to stay on the road and pose a threat not only to themselves but to everyone else around them as well. It’s a sad but true fact that a new person becomes injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two minutes that elapse.

Distracted driving is proving to be just as dangerous and is unfortunately becoming more and prevalent with the advent and widespread usage of various forms of technology. Most prominent, of course, is that of the smart phone. Here in the United States, smart phone ownership is just about universal, and many of us are far too attached to them – so attached that many will even continue to use them while driving.

But while many think that engaging in practices of distracted driving isn’t so serious if it’s just for a short period of time, distracted driving can have immense consequences. In fact, not only does distracted driving more than double, more than triple, more than quadruple (and so on and so forth) your chances of getting into a car accident, distracted driving has led to far too many deaths and injuries a well. Data even shows that distracted driving with kill more than three thousand people over the course of a single year alone, a number that is only likely to increase as time passes on.

But drunk and distracted driving and other preventable causes of car accidents do not represent the only types of personal injury cases that are found here in the United States. Workplace injuries are also common, as is the typical workers compensation claim. In fact, there are usually more than two and a half million injuries that are not fatal among private industry employees alone, let alone among employees as a whole, across the board.

When looking at this data, it is easy to see that workplace injuries are incredibly common and while some will not be particularly severe, many will require a considerable recovery period and time off of work in which to do so. Some workplace injuries might even be so severe as to be life changing. But even just missing the average week and a half of work after suffering a toe injury can be considerable, as this often means dipping into sick time or simply going without pay altogether.

Hiring a workers compensation lawyer can help you to build a workers compensation claim. If your claim goes through and it is found that you are, indeed, owed money by your place of work, it is more likely than not that you will be able to get enough funding to cover the days that you have needed to take off of work as a result of your injury. This will be especially true if the workplace itself is found to be at fault for the accident and injury occurring in the first place.

Personal injury cases of all sorts are common here in the U.S., from the car accident personal injury cases to the workers compensation cases. However, it is important for such cases to be handled by an experienced and credible lawyer who has experience in the field whenever it is possible, as this will likely get you the best possible results and the most desirable of outcomes.

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