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Consulting a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Car accidents are considered the greatest fear for any driver. The evening news is populated with numerous stories about devastating motor vehicle accidents. They result in a damaged or totaled vehicle, injuries, or sometimes death. In the state of Florida alone, there are upwards of 200,000 car accidents each year. The aftermath following a car accident can be an extremely stressful and devastating time for all involved. Victims often have a sense of vulnerability during this time. Even if they escape from the accident physically unscathed, the aftermath can be a mentally taxing time for them. They then have to face the unenviable task of dealing with the insurance company and loads of paperwork. It can be like adding a literal insult after an injury. One of your first priorities should be consulting with a lawyer after a car accident.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you’ve been involved in a car accident, you should contact an accident attorney to help you navigate the legal situation that you’re in. The insurance industry can be a cutthroat business, and many are displeased while dealing with their services. The right lawyer can fight for you and help you get the right compensation. However, not all law firms have your best interests at heart either. You don’t want to be stuck with a swindling lawyer looking to make a buck or a laissez-faire lawyer willing to please the insurance company at your expense. You will want an aggressive and intelligent fighter of an attorney. You don’t need to just jump at the first name in a Google search. Seemingly every law firm commercial has some type of “We will fight for you,” line. They can’t all be winners. In your search for an attorney, consulting trusted friends and family is a great first option. They can offer personal reviews from their own experiences. Even if your immediate cohort doesn’t have experience with an accident attorney, they might know someone who does have prior experience. You will need a quality lawyer after a car accident and research is key.


While recommendations are great, you should not decide solely on them. You will have to conduct some extensive research. Hopefully, you can solicit several recommendations so you have a list that you can narrow down. Review each law firm thoroughly. Check out their websites. You can get a sense of what they offer and what kind of reputation they have. Another form of research is to consult your local municipal court notes. You can see if they were involved in a similar case to yours. Maybe a lawyer after a car accident, was able to secure a nice settlement for their client. You can also consult a lawyer review website to get a better understanding of their skills.

Vehicle Repairs

Another major issue that arises after a car accident is the need for auto repair. Sometimes the vehicle is broken beyond repair. For most, however, a repair job can return it to normal. Even if it was merely a fender bender, you can still get some headaches trying to take care of it. Unfortunately, some repairs can be rather costly. These costs, however, could be taken care of with the right settlement from your lawyer. After the accident, this is one of the aspects that should be addressed as soon as possible. Besides your health, this is the most important step to take. Being without a vehicle can be a hardship. Someone used to having their own vehicle, can rely on public transit or carpooling for a brief period. That, however, might not be a feasible long-term solution. Getting your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible is imperative. Much like finding the right lawyer, you must also find the right mechanic. Utilize all recommendations and reviews to find the right person to work on your vehicle. The last thing you want is for your car to be “fixed,” only for it to need more repairs months down the line. After extensive research you should be able to find a trusted and quality mechanic.

Finding the Right Replacement Parts

During the repair process for your vehicle, the likelihood of replacing parts is high. Some parts may be too damaged or were on their last legs to begin with. This can be a tricky process. New technologies in the auto industry are constantly being introduced. As they make their debut, older models fall by the wayside. That is one of the reasons why driving an older car can be a risky move. While you don’t need to trade for a new car every six months, you don’t need to pour lots of money into a downtrodden vehicle. Manufacturers may no longer make a much-needed part for your car. With a newer vehicle, you are more likely to find the replacement parts. If you drive a Mercedes, you will want top-of-the-line genuine Mercedes parts. In some cases, replacement parts, whether new or old, can be costly. With the right lawyer after a car accident, they can help you reach a settlement that can offset those costs.

Motorcycling Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be even deadlier than car accidents. The amount of fatal motorcycling accidents is disproportionate compared to the number of total motorcycles on the road. Because of the small design, riders are vulnerable to inclement weather and can go unnoticed by other, larger, vehicles. Because of susceptibility to accidents, motorcycles are a greater risk for insurance companies. A rider may deal with even more headaches from the company. Contacting a lawyer after a car accident is a given. Motorcycle riders should also contact an attorney if they find themselves in this situation. Riders sustain even greater injuries than their car counterparts. Concussions, brain damage, soft tissue damage, joint pain, and even facial disfigurement are common injuries that riders suffer from following an accident. Immediate medical care is essential for survival. If they do survive, they face a long road to recovery.

At Fault

When an accident involves multiple vehicles, usually at least one of them is at fault. Common causes for car accidents include, drinking and driving, sleeping at the wheel, and distracted driving. If you find yourself at the wrong end of a vehicle accident, you will have many more legal issues than just dealing with insurance companies. Even if it was a momentary lapse in judgment, you will still be facing a boatload of issues in the future. We all make mistakes, but that does not mean that your entire life should be ruined. Many struggle with the financial costs incurred from an arrest. Bail can be an overly expensive process. Nobody wants to sit in jail, especially if they have not technically been convicted of a crime yet. As they face future court dates, they will want to prepare their defense while still living at home. Unfortunately, many defendants cannot afford the complete bail amount. Staying in prison for the entirety of the legal process will have numerous negative effects on the person. Unable to work, they will find many lost wages. This has devastating consequences. Whether you need a lawyer after a car accident or because of other legal incidents there is still hope for them. You can use the bail bond method.

Bail Bonds

A common viewer of legal television programs will likely recognize the phrase “posting bond” during courtroom scenes. This is not just a made-up phrase for television viewers. The bail bond process is a situation when someone pays a portion of the total bail amount on the condition that you will present yourself for your court date. This person, known as a bail bondsman, acts as your representative. Should you fail to appear in court they will be required to pay the rest of the amount. If you fail to hold up your end of the bargain, your bail bondsman will not be pleased with your behavior. They are not a get out of jail free card. It is important to establish a relationship with the bail bondsman. You want there to be mutual trust between the two parties.

Finding the Right Agency

If you find yourself caught on this end of the legal process, it can be an extremely stressful time. If you are in the market for a bail bondsman, you will have to do the research. You will want to choose the right bail bond agency to meet your needs. There are numerous agencies out there, but all are not the same. You should be wary of those agencies that are nothing but scams. You have enough legal headaches already and you don’t want a scam thrown on top of it. Some agencies may ask for payment without a contract first. This should be an immediate red flag. Other scams include bondsmen who recruit clients directly at the courthouse. These scammers prey on people at their most vulnerable. It is important to stay focused at this time. Have trusted family and friends help you find a reputable agency. Solicit recommendations from others who were in similar circumstances. View their website and scour the courthouse briefs for mentions of them. In addition to a trusted lawyer after a car accident, a trusted agency can help you navigate the legal process.

Wills and Estate Planning

You can contact a lawyer after a car accident, but that is not the only service they offer. The nature of car accidents can cause one to come to terms with their mortality. Car accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in the country. While you should not leave in constant fear, it is important to prepare for the future. For everyone, especially those advanced in age, should think about what will happen when they are no longer here. The death of a loved one is disheartening enough as it is but dealing with the legal process can add an extra burden on families. The right attorney can help guide you through the estate planning stage. You can help make this process as easy and painless as possible by drafting a will. Wills are legal documents that let the family know of one’s wishes following their death. An attorney can help you decide what you would like to bestow on family members, friends, and charities.

Notary Services

Most legal document requires notarization. Some of these documents include divorce documents and automobile bills of sale. A notary is a specialized service that is necessary for the legal documents to have merit. Most law firms offer notary services for all of these documents. Notarized documents come with a very distinctive look. The notary service can use pre-inked stamps for the process. Should you find yourself in need of a lawyer after a car accident, you will have a plethora of legal documents to sign. Your lawyer should take care of notarized paperwork. This may seem tedious and unnecessary, but in the legal world this process is incredibly pertinent. If you need any documents notarized, your lawyer should be able to take care of it.


Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most frightening experiences anyone can be subjected to. Whether you are the driver or rider, the thought of an accident lingers in the back of the mind. You do not need to be fearful of every drive but practicing smart driving methods and common sense will put you at ease. The most important piece of advice is to never drink and drive or get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Even someone who is only buzzed poses a dangerous risk behind the wheel. Sleep deprivation also has adverse effects on driving. Someone who is extremely tired should not drive. Falling asleep at the wheel is the cause of many crashes every year. When driving, take note of all safety precautions. Remember what you learned in driver’s ed class. Use caution whenever you are out on the road. Be aware of your surroundings and do not rush. Trying to get to work on time is not worth an accident. Despite all the precautions, accidents do still happen. Contact a lawyer after a car accident to help guide you through the legal process. Do your research into the local law firms. Once you have found a knowledgeable counsel, you will be ready to reach the next step in the legal process. This is a scary experience but with the right people in your corner you will get through this.

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