Workers Compensation Law How to Determine When You Should Hire an Attorney

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Work related injuries

America is a nation that was founded on the principle of hard work and earning one’s keep. For this reason our nation has developed one of the strongest work ethics in the world. With all the work that the American workforce puts into their labor, one would expect gratitude from their employer — unfortunately this is not always the case, especially when there is an injury on the job.

Injuries on the Job

In 2013 there were 327,060 sprains, strains, and tears; 229,190 slip, trip, and fall injuries, and 170,450 back injuries sustained on the job. That same year there were an estimated 917,100 occupational injuries and illnesses that actually resulted in some time off from work. On average, male and female workers in the United States missed around 8 days of work because of such

Are You The Victim Of A Work-Related Injury Or Illness? A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

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Workers compensation attorney

Have you been hurt during work and are in need of compensation? Do you suspect you may have been the victim of discrimination and are searching for legal options? Turn to the aid of a worker compensation lawyer, a professional that works directly in the field of workers compensation claims and can see you getting the support you deserve in your time of need. When you have medical bills to pay off and a lifestyle to support, seeking out a claim can see you putting your independence and stability back in your own hands again. Below are statistics relating to work-related injuries, benefit payments and your options for finding help.

Work-Related Injuries And Accidents