Three of the Weirdest Personal Injury Claims Ever Made

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Every year, millions of people suffer personal injuries. Though the majority of these cases involve slip and fall accidents, industrial accidents, dog bite incidents, car accidents, and bus accidents, there are always some personal injury claims that are rather… odd.

Here are a few of the weirdest cases personal injury attorneys have ever seen.

There’s Only Four Floors Between the Moon and the Ground.

What started out as a prank ended in a pretty nasty accident. A college student in Idaho decided that it’d be a good idea to moon passersby from the window of his fourth-floor apartment. As fate would have it, he wound up falling out and hurt his pelvis. He then tried to file a personal injury claim against the school, saying that they hadn’t explained the dangers of living on the fourth floor.

McMilkshake Causes a McAccident.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat from a McDonald’s drive-thru window, a man attempted to grab a few fries while he was driving. Unfortunately, he moved a bit too vigorously, and caused the milkshake he was holding between his legs to explode. Distracted by the dairy treat all over his lap, he wound up hitting another car. The victim that the fast food patron hit filed a personal injury claim against McDonalds for the minor injuries he suffered on the grounds that the cup didn’t warn people about the dangers of eating while driving. The personal injury claim actually made it all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court before getting tossed out.

When Geese Attack.

Usually when someone files a personal injury claim after an animal attack, it’s because of a dog. However, Darlene Griffin faced another attacking animal in 2002. When she and her son were visiting Okeeheelee Park in Palm Beach County, Florida, a wild goose suddenly charged at them. According to her unsuccessful personal injury claim against the county, she suffered a tailbone injury after being knocked to the ground.

Though the majority of cases that personal injury lawyers deal with are normal, there are always exceptions. If you’ve ever had a personal injury claim that was rather strange, feel free to share in the comments. To see more, read this.

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