Three Safety Tips Every Motorcyclist Needs to Know

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The most common type of lawsuit in America is related to traffic matters, and many of these are the result of injuries incurred in accidents. One of the most severe types of accidents is motorcycle accidents, since there is little physical protection for the rider. Between 2001 and 2008, there were more than 34,000 deaths and another 1.2 million injuries that required emergency care because of motorcycle crashes. If you have been in a motorcycle crash, you should think about filing a personal injury claim, but here are three ways to avoid needing one in the first place.

1. Always Wear Protective Gear.
It can be tempting to skimp in wearing layers and opting for a more fashionable than functional helmet, but wearing protective gear is very important for preventing motorcycle crash injuries or lessening the ones that do occur. Always wear a helmet that has been approved by the Department of Transportation and invest in protective clothing like guards and leathers.

2. Take a Safety Course Periodically.
Wearing protective gear is a good measure for preventing injuries in an accident, but it’s also helpful to make efforts to avoid one in the first place. Taking a safety course each year or every other year to give yourself a refresher and to remind yourself how important safety is can go a long way.

3. Follow Traffic Laws.
It’s easy to bend the rules when you’re on a motorcycle because the size of the vehicle makes it easier to maneuver in and out of traffic, but it’s very important to follow traffic laws. They are there for a reason, and it’s for people’s safety — including yours. Always make sure to follow traffic laws and signals, since that is what other motorists will expect.

Do you have any tips for avoiding a motorcycle accident? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.
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