The Importance of Bail Bond Services

When a person is charged in a court of law for a criminal offense, they may be released on bond as they await their court hearing. If one does not have enough cash, they will need a bail bond agency‘s services for their release to take place. Here is everything you need to know about bail bonds.

Assessment of defendant qualification
The question a defender normally asks is what does a bonding company do? As soon as the company gets a client application, they begin assessing the defender. This includes their credit score and previous records in court. They then evaluate if you have a means of paying the bond fee that is applied.

Process paperwork
After assessing a defender, how do bonding companies work from there? If you had a $100,000 bail, $5,000 bond, or any other amount, the bail bondsman will start collecting 10% of the total amount of that fee. Further, they will complete the legal papers and explain the legalities to the perpetrator.

The middleman between the defendant and the court
The agency bondsman role as a middleman is to ensure that they maintain continuous communication with the company and the court.

Finally, it is important to know that the services are crucial when a person is arrested and needs bail for temporary freedom.

Criminal charges are not something that most of us have to deal with. If you do, however, find yourself facing charges and potential jail time, a bail bond agency may be just the ticket. If you are in trouble or if someone you know is in trouble you may want to search for a 24hr bail bonds near me or even 1 hour bail bonds. So, what does a cash surety bond mean? It means that the bail bond agency is going to put up money to get you out of jail, and you will pay it back when you are released.

Bail bonds or a justice bond is a great way to avoid having to sit in jail until your trial date. It works on the supposition that you are going to show up for your day in court. It also helps to keep you from having to serve unnecessary jail time and makes the justice process a bit smoother for everyone. Instead of having to sit around and wait in jail, you can go home and build your case. Bail bond services are so important, and here is why.

A bail is an amount of money posted by a person accused of a crime to a court of law to guarantee they will appear in court for their trial.

Bail money and how it works.

Once bail is paid, one is released from custody. However, if on the day of trial, one fails to show up, then they forfeit the money to the court. The court will accept a bail bond if the defendant cannot raise the entire bail. A bail bond ensures that the defendant will be released by paying only 10% of the whole amount. If they fail to show up for their trial, then the bail bondsman pays the remaining sum. When defendants cannot pay bail, they will find help from a bail bond agent who posts a bail bond for them. The bail bondsman duties include receiving payment from the defendant, doing paperwork, and tracking them down if they do not appear in court. When it comes to bail vs bond jail, the words can be confusing yet they are different. How bail money works, is the defendant themselves must pay the whole amount for them to be released while bond jail is paid on behalf of the defendant, by a bond company, to be released.

Bail bond services are some of the lesser-known businesses today, but bail bonds are very important for many people. For better or worse, the U.S.incarceration rate is at an all-time high; thousands of people are arrested every day, some for legitimate reasons and others for crimes that they did not commit. Bail bond services ensure that individuals have the money that they need to deal with a criminal charge.

If you don’t believe that a bail bond company is essential, take a look at the facts below for a better idea about this industry:

  • Since 2000, U.S. jails have been operating, on average, at 91%. This means that the average jail is 91% at any given time — and even though it’s not discussed openly, some jails have even had periods of time where they are more than 100% full.

  • As of 2014, there were 6,745,600 people held in correctional facilities in the U.S.
  • As long as they have enough time to prove their case — and as long as the resources are available to do so — at least one in 25 individuals in the U.S. on death row could be exonerated from their crime and conviction.
  • Statistics show that around one in four American males will be arrested at least once at some point in their lives.
  • At any given time in any given jail, it’s estimated that around 60% of its incarcerated population is being held there not because of a conviction, but because they do not have the money to get of jail and wait until their trial.

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By providing bail bonds to individuals who have been arrested, these services are giving Americans a little more freedom to prove their innocence.


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