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No one wakes up in the morning thinking that before the day is over that they will need assault attorney services. No one starts a drive to work anticipating that they will be a victim of an accident that will require the help of a personal injury lawyer. No one enters a marriage thinking that they will be a victim of domestic violence and be asking friends for the name of a domestic violence defense attorney or a the best assault attorney services. In short, few people anticipate the need for legal assistance, but every single minute of every single day injuries happen as a result of someone else’s carelessness, anger, or crime.
One of the most common reasons people end up looking for legal help is because someone else was not paying careful attention to the car they were driving. Consider some of the things that lead to car accidents.

  • Digital screens of any kind can serve as a distraction to drivers. Even a headline on the passenger?s digital tablet can create a distraction for the driver. A distraction that can lead to a second off the road which leads to a car crash.
  • In the blink of an eye, an accident can happen. A driver may think that it is okay to double check her mascara in the rearview mirror, but in that instant with eyes away from the road, the driver can swerve into the other lane, causing a pile up.
  • Sleepy drivers are a major danger. For this reason, the trucking industry has to carefully monitor the hours drivers travel, as well as the hours drivers rest.
  • Tea, coffee, and other hot beverages can serve as a major distraction if they are spilled.
  • Rock and roll music may have always had a bad wrap with the older generation, but music of any kind
  • Alcohol is always a distraction.
  • Cocaine and other drugs are also dangerous distractions.
  • Teen drivers lack experience. In Nebraska, in fact, first time driver?s licenses are only allowed to have one no-family member in the car for the first six months. One teen driver may be able to stay focused, but fill his or her car with a group of friends and the distraction level can sky rocket.!
  • Empty bottles rolling around on the floor, papers cluttering the dashboard, and other messes in a car can even serve as a distraction. Visually, they can cause the driver to take the eyes off the road, and in the event of a sudden stop the trash can shift and relocate. A rolling bottle or any sizable item under the brake pedal screams disaster.
  • Do you check your Facebook page every time you stop in traffic? It should come as no surprise that this is another digital habit that can lead to an accident. When the driver?s eyes are on the screen and they see cars in the next lane move it is easy to step on the accelerator out of habit.
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  • Drivers who travel the same route day after day are sometimes distracted because the road is too common, too familiar.
  • Road rage may not be a distraction, but it can lead to devastating results for the victim.
  • Infants and small children can be major distractions. Whether the infant passenger is screaming in the back seat or cooing to the parent in the front mirror, a distracted parent can cause a problem.
  • Very tasty food can keep drivers from waiting until they get home to eat. It can also serve as another driving distraction.
  • Ear phones and ear buds should never be worn by a driver, but they are. This is a distraction that has been proven to remove the driver from the task at hand.
  • Road directions provided by a GPS system can seem like a great idea, but paying too close attention to directions instead of looking at the road is another dangerous distraction that leads to accidents.

Whether you are looking for help for a personal injury caused by someone who drove distracted or you are looking for assault attorney services, make sure that you research the local choices with the best recommendations. Domestic violence cases require assault attorney services; some car accidents require the help of personal injury attorneys. Make sure that you get the help that you need from a competent legal team.

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