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What To Do When You’re Convicted Of An OVI

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It’s possible you may have to defend yourself in the court of law someday. Whether you made the mistake of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or found yourself damaging property while attempting to text and drive, there are legal options available for you. A federal defense attorney is your first method of approach when being faced with a DUI or OVI conviction, able to help you navigate the unique legal system of your state. Before you visit a criminal defense firm and request help continue reading below to learn more about drunk driving laws, how they’re criminalized and what you should expect to see in a courtroom.

What’s The Difference Between A DUI And OVI?

Although both are terms used to denote an individual operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or over-the-counter medication, an OVI is given in the state of Ohio while a DUI is distributed in the majority of states. It’s important to know the difference between states when approaching a federal defense attorney concerning a drunk driving or distracted driving conviction. An Ohio DUI attorney is familiar with the unique laws to the state of Ohio.

What Is A ‘Wet Reckless’?

One of the most common questions regarding a drunk driving conviction is what a wet reckless is and how it works. A wet reckless is a plea bargain, specifically involving a conviction of reckless driving involving the presence of alcohol, and can be used during prosecution in the state of Ohio. A plea bargain in an OVI case might occur through an Ohio DUI attorney if the amount of alcohol is borderline illegal, if there was no accident and if the client has no prior criminal record.

How Is An OVI Determined?

There are multiple ways to determine if an individual is operating under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. It’s important to remember the police must have probable cause to pull you over, which can involve witnesses noticing unhealthy driving behavior, you running a red light or general swerving. Even if you submitted to a blood alcohol content test, you might be able to challenge the results in court. Breathalyzer tests, blood tests and urine tests absolutely must be administered properly or they will be considered inadmissible.

How Common Is Drunk Driving?

The United States is still struggling under the weight of constant drunk and distracted driving rates. More than one million people in Ohio — that’s nearly one in every seven licensed drivers — has at least one OVI conviction. There are currently two people in Ohio that share the state record of having 20 OVI convictions, to boot, and these rates are considered similar to a few other states in the country. If you’re not sure where to get started with the necessary paperwork, test analysis and courtroom hearings it’s imperative you contact a federal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What Are The Consequences Of An OVI Conviction?

If you’re convicted of an OVI you could face a number of minor to severe consequences depending on the nature of the crime in question. Criminal law dictates that both DUI or OVI offenses require a license reinstatement fee of around $450, though this can be as high as $1,000 in certain cases. Even a first OVI offense can result in up to six points on your license, with other cases seeing a short-term license suspension. Charges of an OVI, whether it’s first-time or second-time, require the aid of a federal defense attorney to protect your rights and assist with courtroom hearings. Contact a law firm today and see how they can help you in light of a conviction.

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