It May Be Time for Divorce Papers

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In a world that perpetuates the idea of perfect fairy tale romances, and encourages people to follow a set formula for life, which often includes getting married at a relatively young age, it can no longer really be a surprise that divorce rates have risen over the last few decades. There has been a stigma attached to the idea of divorce, as if there should be some shame in ending something that you no longer feel is best for you or your partner. The unattainable standards that are set by society are not complemented by ideal environments or means of reaching those standards. Thus, over time, divorce has become more acceptable. For many it can be a significantly painful process, but for those who take the time to really look at the big picture, it could very well be just another step on the path of your life.

Going your separate ways
Yes, it can certainly be difficult to see a fork in the road when it comes to the companion who has traveled along beside you on your life journey. But when all things are considered, if it is no longer working and all attempts to salvage the relationship have been unfruitful, it could be time to part ways. Seeing divorce papers can have different effects on different people, but keeping in mind that you are doing what is best might help to alleviate some of the pain and stress that can be caused in such a situation.

So many people get married when they are still quite young and haven’t entirely discovered everything about themselves. While it is true that our aim should be to continue learning for as long as we’re living, there can be some significant lessons learned in your early 20s, the age that many people marry, that could affect the relationship. Binding it in marriage before you truly know yourself could result in an unhappy marriage and ultimately, writing up divorce papers.

Family divorce lawyers to get you through the process
The average age of a woman getting her first divorce is 29 years old, and the average age for men is 30.5 years old. This points to that trend of marrying young, and eventually realizing that you are not growing in the same direction as your spouse. However as that stigma on divorce has started to dissipate, more people are realizing that it is acceptable to write up those divorce papers at any age, if the relationship is no longer working. In fact, the divorce rates for couples over the age of 50 have doubled in the last two decades. It is important to work on your relationship, but when your quality of life starts to decline, it might be time to move on.

Getting those divorce papers written up doesn’t have to be the headache that many make it out to be, especially with the help of the right lawyers. Of course, there are many factors to consider that can make the divorce process more complicated, but that is all the more reason to find the right legal representation. For some, mediation for child custody is a necessity. For others, there might be a lot to sort through in terms of property ownership and finances. On average, the entire process for a divorce often takes about one year, so you will want to be sure you have found a lawyer who you can count on and trust for the duration of the process.

The growth of feminism
People everywhere are awakening to the troublesome gap in rights and treatment between men and women. When you look at some of the divorce statistics, you see this ugly disparity.

  • A marriage is 5% more likely to end if the couple has a daughter but no son.
  • The divorce rate is twice as high for couples who split the housework rather than leaving it to the wife.
  • Women who work an extra 12 minutes a week are 1% more likely to face a divorce.

Divorce can be a solution in some cases, but can also be a sad indicator of the issues in our society. In any case, finding the right lawyer will help to make the process a bit easier.

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