What Does a Construction Lawyer Do?

When to hire a business litigation attorney

What does a construction lawyer do? Lawyers for construction companies are experts in contracts, but they can also deal with insurance issues, employment and labor claims, OSHA regulations, and bankruptcy, to name just a few things! Here?s all the things you need to know about lawyers for construction companies and when you might need one:

  • No other type of lawyer is so expert at contract issues. Construction law is complex and contracts are at the center of it. As a consequence, lawyers for construction companies are renowned for their ability to understand and negotiate very complex contracts. That?s because a contract is binding once it is signed, and that means everything has to be settled before much work begins or a contractor could lose a lot. It?s crucial to get the right legal help before it?s too late: someone who can help you draft a great contract.
  • A construction law expert makes sure contractors get paid on time. A lot of people are surprised to find that when it comes to payment delays, the vast majority are due to miscommunications that could have been avoided with the right effort up front. This means that fixing communication resolves a lot of these issues; but when it doesn?t, lawyers for construction companies are also specialists in enforcing your lien claims and in helping you get payment for your legal bills from the defendant.
  • Lawyers for construction companies may know almost as much about construction as you. That?s because part of their job is working on scheduling, regulations, contracting, budgeting, litigation, and employee and labor laws. They have to know everything about the construction site and be able to predict what might become a problem in the future. They?ll know about fire regulations, insurance issues, state building codes, surety laws, project delivery systems, how to get permits, environmental regulations, and everything that OSHA might hit you with.
  • When might I need a construction lawyer? IF you need to draft or review a contract, want to make sure you?ve correctly navigated all the local, state, and federal regulations, need to create any kind of legal document, need a permit, need regulatory permission for something, or are having a dispute with either employer or employee, you will benefit in the long run from hiring a capable attorney.

Construction is essential to our economy, and all our roads and homes, businesses and schools depend upon capable and hard-working construction contractors and employees. They need to be protected as they do their work, and one of the best ways for that to happen is with the legal help of a construction law firm.

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