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How Police Cams Can Lead Us Into a New Age of Justice and Accountability

Police car video systems

There are some people who know from a young age just what they want to do for a profession when they get older. Some individuals have always known that they want to work with children, others have a long term vision of becoming a doctor, or interior designer, or marine biologist. There are those who choose to follow in the footsteps of family members who came before them, going on to become the next generation of firefighter or lawyer or hairdresser.

Whatever the case may be, there is a wide variety of different jobs, with many different people choosing those jobs for a multitude of different reasons. One thing is certain, however. Whether it was a lifelong dream, a family tradition, or an opportunity or aspiration that presented itself for any number of other reasons, choosing to become a police officer can lead to some very difficult work days.

A day in the life of a police officer

We hear a lot about law enforcement these days. Some things we hear are good and encouraging, others are unpleasant and a bit frightening. The truth is that no one knows what it is like to live the life of a police officer unless they themselves have experienced it. There are inherent dangers in the job, and depending on the area and type of work an officer does, he or she may be putting his or her life in danger every time it is time to go to work. It is important to consider these factors when judging those who choose that profession. However, there are always at least two sides to every story, and many of the stories that we have heard about different conflicts with law enforcement officers have shown that the men and women in blue are not always in the right.

So how do we go about finding justice when it seems to have become a bit muddled knowing who is trustworthy and who actually means to protect and serve? The answer just might be found in the growing use of police cameras. From law enforcement dash cameras in vehicles to police body cams, having a way to keep both police and civilians accountable can be a significant step in the right direction.

Police cams for the safety of all involved

There are plenty of advantages of police body cameras and dash cams. It is hard to think of many disadvantages. Tensions between law enforcement officers and the public in general have grown quite high, and this is particularly true in certain cities and areas of the country where there have been higher rates of racial injustice. Wearing or bringing along police cams allow interactions, altercations, and routine stops or patrols to be monitored or reviewed if something questionable occurs.

One study that was conducted recently showed that those police officers who had body cameras ended up receiving a noteworthy 93% fewer complaints from members of the public. The majority of both police officers and civilians have reported being in favor of law enforcement body cameras, and with the accountability and justice that comes along with wearing such devices, it is understandable why the rate of use is increasing.

Our society has a long way to go before we see a fair and just system that works well for everyone. The technology behind police cams has helped to take steps in the right direction, and it likely won’t be long before we see more technology and applications that help in similar ways.

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