How To Know If You Have a Personal Injury Claim

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There are a large number of civil cases every single year that occur in the United States. These cases can sometimes pertain to personal injuries. As a matter of fact, the most common personal injuries according to the United States Department of Justice includes motor vehicle accidents at 52%, medical malpractice at 15%, and product liability at 5%.

Out of all of the personal injury cases in the United States, only 4 to 5% of them ever actually make it to trial. This is because most of these cases are settled out of court in the form of a settlement. This is done so that businesses and corporations can avoid spending money on the legal process. This is why the role of attorney and lawyer matters.

If you are wondering whether or not you have a personal injury claim, reach out to a law firm. They can help you analyze your situation to determine what is best. Here are some of the facts that surround a slip and fall situation.

You Suffered a Slip and Fall In the Workplace

If you have been hurt or injured on the job, you may have a personal injury case. For instance, if you slip and fall in the workplace and you are not at fault, you probably have a personal injury case. This is a situation where you could get serious legal help from a talented attorney or group of attorneys.

A Slip and Fall Has Taken You Away From Work

If you are involved in a serious workplace incident that takes you away from work then you are missing out on wages. That right there is enough for you to potentially have access to a personal injury claim. If you get hurt and miss work and you are not at fault, then you deserve to get the wages you might be missed. Make sure you reach out to a talented defense lawyer to help you get the best results out of your situation.

A Slip and Fall Has Left You With Costly Medical Bills

If you end up sustaining a serious injury then you will have to go to the hospital. Furthermore, if you sprain something or potentially break a bone, you will have sky-high medical bills waiting for you after your treatment. When this is combined with the fact that you are missing out on wages, then you need to make sure you get help from a talented lawyer. They can help you get your compensation so that way your life is not wrecked by a slip and fall.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are Americans that end up having to make a personal injury claim. This is one type of civil case that attorneys love to get in on because more often than not it’s a success. Then, the lawyer will be able to help someone with a serious personal injury get the right type of compensation to keep their life on track.

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