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I’ve Been In A Car Crash Recently Should I Contact A Car Accident Attorney?

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If there has been an accident that someone else caused, you may need an accident lawyer to help represent your interests in court. Whether you have an injury or not, you may need some accident lawyer advice to find out what you need to do next. With an accident attorney, no injury should be forgotten when you talk to them. Any injury that you have may need more medical attention down the road. If you need to find attorneys who handle car accidents, look at the local attorneys offices and check their websites. There are many who specialize in accidents or have it as one of several specialties. This will endure that the attorney you pick knows the law surrounding accidents inside and out.

If you find yourself searching for an “attorney near me car accident specialist,” this can be done by simply choosing a lawyer with a good reputation and calling their office for an initial consultation about your case. You can find out there whether the attorney is willing to take on your case as well as what you might expect from it. Getting the case settled can take some time, but when you have a lot of expenses from a car accident, it’s worth it.

Personal injury lawyersDriving a car is a massive responsibility. Sadly, not all drivers view it as such.Your first thought after a car accident is likely, “What next?” Should you be the unfortunate recipient of a drunk driver or distracted driver, you’re also wondering what can be done about your case to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The only way to truly know is to reach out to a car accident attorney. Legal professionals can provide an outsider’s perspective on your case and brush you up on everything from state laws, nationwide laws and methods of filing a personal injury claim. Before you reach out to your local law firm it’s time to learn more about your options and where they stand amid some of the most common lawsuits in the country.Did You Know?
Today’s roads are more hazardous than ever. Look no further than recent statistics involving drunk driving, distracted driving and road rage. While the percentage of drivers using handheld cell phones or other electronic devices has seen a decline from 4% to 3% over the past few years, the Association For Safe International Road Travel (or ASIRT) still sees over 37,000 people dying every year from a crash. Globally an estimated 50% of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults between the ages of 15 and 40. Because car crashes are so widespread many law firms have attorneys that specialize in certain kinds.
Truck Accidents
Truck accidents see some of the highest rates of severe injury and death when it comes to car accidents. Back in 2015 there were nearly 33,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States, with a significant portion coming from multiple truck pile-ups. Trucks are considered notoriously difficult to both drive and navigate around for their ponderous size and slow turning. This can make it hard not just for drivers to react, but bystanders. Pedestrians over the age of 65 accounted for nearly 20% of all pedestrian deaths in 2015.
Motorcycle Accidents
If truck accidents see some of the highest figures, motorcycles still lay claim to some of the most severe results. This is due to motorcycles having reduced protection and coverage compared to other passenger vehicles. The year 2015 saw over 88,000 motorcyclists sustaining moderate or severe injury. Just two years prior motorcyclists accounted for nearly 15% of all traffic fatalities. A car accident attorney can offer you consultation, though a personal injury attorney may prove a better fit if you walked away with a severe injury.
Distracted Driving
Today distracted driving sees nearly as many people injured and killed as drunk driving. While the most common stereotype of a distracted driver is using a cell phone while behind the wheel, the nature of this crime means many factors can be involved in a crash. This includes attempting to eat or drink, change the radio dial or talk to someone in the back seat while driving. State traffic laws differ and are one major reason a car accident attorney can get all your information in order. Oregon traffic laws, for example, state that a vehicle moving in traffic needs to use a turn signal at least 100 feet before a turn.
Drunk Driving
If you suspect the driver involved in the accident was under the influence, a car accident attorney or drunk driving attorney should be contacted as soon as possible. Today’s definition of drunk driving has since expanded to include being not just under in the influence of alcohol, but legal drugs, illegal drugs and over-the-counter medication. A personal injury law firm will assign you an attorney that has approached drunk driving cases in the past, putting you in a better spot not just to receive assistance with your own injuries, but potentially receive closure involving the issue.
Whether you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident or had your car damaged in a distracted driving incident, a car accident attorney can help.

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