Consider the Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Since divorce is so prevalent within the United States, it’s not surprising that 5.5 million couples live together without getting married. When couples do marry, however, research indicates that their marriage may not last. There’s only a 50% likelihood, according to researchers, that any one marriage will last for the long-term. Nevertheless, many people still choose to remarry within three years following a divorce.

What May Lead to Divorce?

There are, of course, a variety of reasons that lead to one or both partners wanting, or otherwise seeking, a divorce. Extra-marital affairs, financial issues, and other difficult circumstances can strain or break a marriage. Communication issues can also play a significant role. For example, when one partner wants children and the other one doesn’t, this could potentially lead to a divorce.

What May Decrease the Risk of Divorce?

Recent data indicates that when someone has attended college, they actually have a greater chance of remaining married. It’s interesting to note that the risk of these individuals becoming divorced decreases by 13%. When couples have children, they tend to remain married as well. When compared to couples without children, those that do have a 40% lower divorce rate.

Marriage advice and couples counseling may also make a positive impact on whether or not a couple decides to stay together. When there are children in a marriage, family counseling can be beneficial. It may also be helpful for children to see an individual therapist to assist them with handling their own personal issues, feelings, and responses to their parents’ potential or pending divorce. If the parents do decide to obtain a divorce, the children will usually live with their mother. This applies to 75% of children whose parents are divorced.

Learn More About Divorce Mediation Services

While it does depend on a variety of factors, the costs associated with obtaining a divorce within the United States can vary. To provide you with an example, the financial costs could range between $15,000.00 to roughly $42,500.00. This does not include child support, alimony, or other financial obligations.

When couples seek divorce mediation, an attorney can assist them with a variety of issues. These include child custody, visitation, and support as well as spousal support and property division. If you’re planning to obtain a divorce, contact an attorney with experience in divorce mediation to learn more about how effective this approach can be.

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