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Commercial Real Estate Law and Construction Law

The construction industry is one of the largest in the entire United States today. Everything from suburban homes to apartments, banks, schools, and shopping malls must be built, and construction crews can be brought together to launch such a project. It should be noted, however, that the construction industry involves some risks to construction workers or their managers, and a construction lawyer may often be on retainer for a particular crew. If not, a contractor crew can look up a local construction law firm for legal assistance when problems arise during a project. Meanwhile, commercial real estate law can be an asset for homeowners who are trying to sell their property, and commercial real estate law can be complex without this legal aid. Therefore, a real estate lawyer can be found and hired by a homeowner who must navigate commercial real estate law while selling their home.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Does a homeowner really need legal help for something like selling their house on the real estate market? Yes, mainly due to the fact that selling a home is no simple matter. Many people and a lot of paperwork will be involved in selling a house, and that is assuming that nothing has gone wrong. A house is a large and complex piece of hardware, and a homeowner is responsible for it all, even when selling it. A homeowner may be responsible for disclosing all details about the house’s state of repair and the property’s value, and a buyer may be unhappy if their newly bought home has problems. A new buyer may take legal action, for example, if their new home has serious plumbing issues that the seller did not disclose, or if the roof leaks or if the house’ value is different than expected. A buyer may take legal action if they were deceived somehow about their new house, and this may involve finding and hiring a real estate lawyer to help. Such a lawyer can also be helpful if a current homeowner finds out that the previous owner is attempting to claim ownership of the property, such as for tax deduction purposes.

Construction Law

Commercial real estate law often concerns a home being bought or sold, but construction law is for a building being made. Why might construction workers need lawyers? There are matters of worker safety or payment issues that may bring about the need for such legal counsel.

The American construction market was worth close to $1.16 trillion as of 2016, and it might grow in the future. This means that a lot is on the line during construction, and problems can result in expensive litigation with large settlement sums. The American Arbitration Association, the AAA, often handles very large construction litigation or court cases that may be worth many millions of dollars. This litigation may be easier to handle when a construction crew has a lawyer backing them.

Worker injury is one reason to hire a construction lawyer or use one who is on retainer. Construction has many hazards, ranging from airborne silica particles to paint thinner fumes that a worker may inhale to open flames from blowtorches. A worker might get hit by a construction vehicle, or heavy items may be dropped on them by accident or they may slip and fall. Any of these accidents may cause serious injury, and an affected worker may look for a construction lawyer or personal injury lawyer to represent them in litigation against any perceived at-fault party in the current project.

Or, a construction team may use their attorney if paperwork has gone bad. Crews tend to charge each other invoices for tools or materials used, and if an invoice is very late or apparently not going to be paid at all, litigation may follow. Construction lawyers, at the start of a project, will look over invoices and other agreements ahead of time, but something may still go wrong. And if another construction crew is repeatedly violating safety regulations or is putting the project far behind schedule or over budget, a construction crew may use their lawyer to file for termination of the entire project. Conversely, a crew may pursue litigation if they believe that another party filed for wrongful termination of the project.

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