What is a Litigation Attorney ?

Litigation attorneys also go by other names that you may have heard before. They are sometimes called litigators or trial lawyers. These attorneys handle civil lawsuits all the way from the investigation to appeal processes. Their role can be versatile depending on the case at hand and what it entails.

Pre-Trial Settlement Discussions

Depending on the situation, litigation attorneys may attempt to diffuse a situation before it goes to trial. They will handle settlement discussions and work to come to a solution that doesn’t involve going to court.

Case Investigation

Another duty of a litigator is to handle the initial investigation of the case. They assess the details and gather available evidence so that they can put together a solid case for their client. If necessary they will draft a plea for their client as well.

Representing Clients

Once the initial settlement discussion and case investigation has taken place then it is their job to represent their client in court. They will defend them to a judge and either prove their innocence or prove why the plaintiff should be owed the money they are asking for.

Types of Litigation

These types of attorneys can handle a wide variety of cases. They will sometimes specialize in different areas such as securities fraud or probate and estate administration. Personal injury lawyers and business attorneys are litigators as well. Any time there is some kind of civil lawsuit at hand, no matter the reason for it, a litigation attorney is needed.

Appeal Processes

If the trial does not go well then the attorney might consider appealing the case for their client. This only happens when there is evidence to suggest that the case should have gone another way and cannot be done simply because the client is unhappy with the outcome. In order for everyone to take the time to go back to court then there needs to be a valid reason to do so.

Do You Need a Litigator?

Litigator attorneys come into play whenever a lawsuit is at hand. If you are in a situation where you have been sued or are planning to sue someone else then you should strongly consider contacting a litigator. They can help you with the entire process, including the collection of evidence, and assist in winning your case for you.

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