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You Don’t Have to Wage a Custody Battle Alone, Hire an Attorney

Did you know that Westwego, Louisiana has one of the highest divorced populations in the state at 19.3%? What does this mean if children are involved? It means you need to hire a good child custody lawyer to handle custody battles. Once parents separate, custody battles ensue. This is especially true when one parent doesn’t believe the other parents is capable to taking the best care of their child. Situations may vary, but the need for legal representation for a custody hearing does not.

You Need an Effective Attorney for Custody Battles

What do custody agreements actually involve? This is a good question for parents that are experiencing their first custody battle. A lot of information and details are required such as personal information about you, your child and the other parent. Every little detail about your family and you will come into play during custody battles. The goal of a judge during custody hearings is to decide what visitation and custody arrangement is ideal and in the best interest for your child.

There are many reasons why you need an attorney to help you through the information-gathering process. One of the top reasons involves discovery. Your attorney will provide legal representation that protects your interests and ensures you are not revealing any information that isn’t relevant to your child custody case. Custody battles require that all information presented is organized and offered in a format that’s most favorable to you, and your attorney can and will do just that for you.

You Need Advice for Your Child Custody Case

Do you know how to conduct yourself in court? Most people don’t, and that can be dangerous where a child custody case is concerned. You are more likely to be emotional and stressed. Your attorney can help during this time, especially if you are already dealing with strained contact with the other parent. All of this also impacts your child and adds up to a very stressful and difficult time. You need to be able to rely on legal counsel who keeps a strong focus on taking the right actions so you do not experience anything detrimental to your case.

Attorney involved with family law can also answer questions and advise you concerning actions that could negatively affect your case. While going through a custody battle it is not advisable to do anything without first asking your attorney. They have the resources needed to answers questions so you are not viewed negatively by a judge.

What do you know about the judge presiding over your custody battle? Chances are you know nothing about them. An attorney can provide you with valuable advice so you know more about the judge and what to expect. They may also have information about the other attorney that could help better prepare your case. This is especially true when it comes to preparing for court if the other attorney is highly aggressive. Knowing about the intensity and type of questions that could be fired at you is very helpful. You are assured that you are taking the right steps when it comes to strengthening a child custody case when you use the services of a reliable law firm.

Is it Smart to Represent Yourself?

The immediate answer is absolutely not. A child custody attorney is the best party to represent you in and out of court. This is especially true if you know you are facing a custody trial that is extensive. If the other parent has hired an attorney, you need one too. You do not want to be at a disadvantage. Make sure you have an attorney with specialized child custody law knowledge that includes every part of family law. They will be able to fully present your case in court so you stand a much better chance when it comes to maintaining or obtaining custody of your child or children.

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