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Aladdin Bail Bonds Redwood City

Being caught up unexpectedly in the criminal justice system can be expensive and scary. Many people lose their jobs and severely strain relationships when they must stay in jail while waiting for a trial start date. Bail bond companies can issue emergency bail bonds, depending on the situation.

A bail bond agency works with you or a family member to secure the necessary funds to be released from jail before trial. The bailout of jail definition or decision is determined by a few factors: whether the individual is considered a flight risk and whether the crimes fall under a qualified category.

A bail bond agent fills out your bail paperwork for you and files it with the court. If approved, the bail bond agency accepts any negative financial fallout of you not showing up for trial in exchange for a fee and communication conditions. It’s rare to get bail in non-billable offenses.

If the judge approves a decision for you to get out on bail, you’ll need to follow all the stipulations explained in the bail judgments. Conditions that might exist as part of the judgment include no longer visiting neighborhoods, having no contact with specific individuals, paying bail fees on time with interest, and agreeing not to be arrested between that moment and the beginning of the trial.

Aladdin Bail Bonds Redwood City

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