The Bail Bonds Process Explained

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After an arrest, people have the option to post bail in most cases. However, this can be a struggle if you cannot afford it. There are services that assist people in this exact situation. If you ever find yourself not being able to post bail, try reaching out to your local bail bondsmen. This video will discuss how the bail bonds process works.

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In order to be released after arrest, bail must be paid. The judge sets the amount based on a litany of factors. The jail system is overcrowded due to individuals not being able to afford the set amount. In order to be granted freedom, those individuals contact bail bonds agents. The agent will meet with the person who was arrested and take down basic information, as well as explain to them the next steps. In exchange for covering bail, the agent will be paid a fee by the person who needs the service. The fee tends to be between 10-15% based on location. So in exchange for their freedom, the arrested party will pay the bondsman for their services. Bail bonds agents are always on call, as their services are in high demand.

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