Has There Been a Death in the Family? You May Need the Help of an Estate Planning Attorney

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Has a family member recently passed away, leaving financial assets and property behind? If so, you may want to consider retaining a commercial real estate attorney, and more specifically an estate planning attorney, to help make sure that such assets are distributed fairly.

If the deceased loved one has left a will or testament, this process of distribution may relatively easy. Unfortunately, Daily Finance reports that 12% of adults in the United States have no understanding of what estate planning entails, and nearly 6% of these adults do not feel that leaving a will behind is essential.

In order to resolve the issue of debts left behind by the deceased, it may be necessary to go through the probate process, during which time assets that have been distributed are frozen until after the probate period is over. Probate allows for these debts to be resolved so that the beneficiaries involved are not responsible for them moving forward. Because the process itself is a rather complicated and stringent one, it may be helpful to hire a probate attorney to assist you.

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