How do You File an Uncontested Divorce?

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Contested divorce and uncontested divorce are very different from one another. If you are going through an uncontested divorce, you may be looking to save time and money because these cases tend to be more streamlined than any other divorce process. They are the best process for couples who do not have any disagreements left in their divorce, such as issues concerning child custody, property division, alimony, and more. There are many couples who can get through these difficult times just through communication alone. In fact, in 5% of custody cases that are seen in our courts today, the issues were resolved just after one custody evaluation, which is becoming more common as the resources to help are out there. Filing uncontested divorce may be one of the best decisions you make for yourself, your spouse, and your family, who are all going through the effects of divorce.

Divorce on the Rise, Very Few Options to Choose From

There are many things you can ask a family lawyer about your uncontested divorce and where to turn, but you may learn a little something today as well. Divorce is on the rise and becoming more common, which is why these different options are needed. Couples who have dated for three years before their engagement were 39% more likely to get divorced, though people sometimes take the chance anyway even if the results do not end the way they have imagined. They turn to their divorce lawyer to go over the important aspects of uncontested divorce, such as the general benefits. After the uncontested divorce forms are filed and the process begins, you will find that this process allows you to get through your divorce more quickly, lowering the conflict that you may experience between yourself and your spouse. On average, you could wait six months to receive the final results of your divorce after you have filed, and some people want to expedite this process. Filing uncontested divorce does this. You can usually also keep your information more private in these situations rather than allowing the public a glimpse into your life and what is happening in your divorce.

There are a variety of family law issues that may be uncovered in divorce. For instance, perhaps there are custody issues as you battle it out to see where your children will live. Perhaps it is difficult to find out who owns what, and what has become a matter of marital or separate property. No matter what, it is not always the right situation for an uncontested divorce. However, sometimes filing uncontested divorce is definitely in your divorce mix, and your divorce lawyer will show you how this is done.

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