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Injury and Divorce Proceedings Call for a Lawyer

Legal proceedings are in place for a number of incidents that can happen in one’s life, whether for persona injury, divorce, property disputes, patent or copyright violations, or for assault. A divorce lawyer or a personal injury lawyer can assist a client with these two common proceedings, and a good-quality defense attorney can transform a case from a hopeless paperwork mess into a smooth and sensible deal.

An Attorney for Injury

Personal injury is a common cause for a lawsuit against a person or a company, and a lawyer can come to the aid of either party make sure that a fair resolution is reached. The road is a common place for such a case to begin; drunk driving is tragically common, and every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash or hit as a pedestrian. Once a person has suffered these injuries, they can call upon a personal injury lawyer to smooth things out.

There are several reasons to hire a lawyer for this case, according to McCormick and Murphy. For one thing, the injured person is probably emotionally charged and does not keep a cool head, but a lawyer will view things objectively and through proper legal terms. For another, if the victim suffered permanent injuries that will prevent them from doing work or will cause long-term expenses, and a lawyer knows how to factor that into a settlement better than a typical client would. For another thing, there may be multiple parties involved, and in that case, assigning blame and distributing settlement money can become very tricky, and a client alone probably could not juggle all of that information, but an attorney could. A victim typically should find a lawyer right away, and settle for someone he or she trusts and feels comfortable working with. And on occasion, an insurance company will act on bad faith, and a lawyer will know how to handle bad faith insurance claims.

Lawyers and Divorce

Divorce is a common event in some parts of the world, with nearly half of American marriages ending this way. When it does happen, dividing the couple’s money, assets, and children can be a challenge, but a divorce lawyer for each person will make sure that everything is handled fairly and sensibly. Couples who were married for a short time, and/or had minimal assets and money and were childless, could probably handle the divorce themselves with online aid. But for a more complicated case where young children, a house, and large bank accounts factor in, a divorce attorney can step in.

For one thing, most divorce clients will not understand divorce law nearly as well as a dedicated attorney, not even when one or both people in the divorce are not lawyers themselves (assuming that their area of expertise is not divorce law). And as with a personal injury case, the clients may not be emotionally stable or clear-headed at the time, and need an objective third party to handle the case. What is more, there is a huge amount of paperwork involved, and a client will have enough things on his/her mind to deal with. Finally, a divorce lawyer knows to focus on more than just winning the case short term; clients are private individuals with finite resources, so they need to be prepared for the years following the case, and not spend all of their money on the case itself just to get a satisfying victory over the other member of the divorce. With all these points in mind, members of a divorce are well advised to recruit legal aid.

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