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Taking A Closer Look Into The World Of Divorce Causes And Preventions

If you’re looking to get some good divorce advice you are sadly but certainly not alone. Here in the United States, divorce is extremely prevalent, with even first marriages ending in divorce more than forty percent of the time (forty one percent, to be a little bit more exact). Many people will even get married more than once over the course of their lives, and with each new marriage, the chance that they will get divorced rises by quite a bit.

While first marriages only have a divorce rate of around forty one percent, second marriages jump to a much higher divorce rate of sixty percent. And by the time that you make it to your third marriage, the chance of getting divorced has climbed to a truly astounding seventy three percent. Of course, for marriages after the third marriage, this projected likelihood of eventually getting divorced is only likely to continue to climb and to climb.

Of course, there are many other risk factors for getting divorced as well. Smoking while your partner does not (or vice versa) is a hugely one, making your chances of getting divorced climb by as much as seventy five percent. Another risk factor for divorce is getting married young and having less education, as well as less income (as the two tend to go hand in hand in the vast majority of cases). But no matter what risk factors might be present (or not present), there is simply no doubt about it that divorce is widely prevalent, with more than one million people seeking out divorce proceedings each and every year here in the United States alone, let alone in other parts of the world that are also experiencing high rates of divorce.

If you yourself are looking to get a divorce, it is highly advisable to see divorce advise from a qualified divorce attorney. After all, most people going through a divorce have never dealt with one before and without the right divorce advice, the process of getting even an uncontested divorce can seem daunting. Heeding the divorce advice of your lawyer can also help to reduce the time it takes to get divorced (which is typically about one year, barring any complications that come up along the way).

The divorce process is likely to be more complicated if you have children, as do many couples, as a result of the union and it will become more important than ever before to heed the divorce advice of your divorce lawyer. In some cases, the matter of custody will be easy to decide, with the divorcing parents figuring out who will take the child or children on what days with relative simplicity (as painful as the process still might be, of course). But, unfortunately, this is far from the case in many situations of divorce.

For many people, the divorce advice – and the custody advice – will be to hire a mediator. A mediator can help to sort through some of the issues of contention when it comes to deciding important things like child custody, providing a relatively neutral space (or at least as neutral as it can possibly be) to make sure that the needs of both parties, and, most importantly, of the children, are being met as best as possible. In some cases, hiring a specialty child custody attorney is likely to be the ideal solution if the discussions surrounding child custody are becoming less than productive and more harmful than helpful.

A custody lawyer might also be able to provide some much needed divorce advice as well, especially, of course, when it comes to the wellbeing of the child or children in question. After all, going through their parents’ divorce can be difficult for many children to understand and complicated to process on an emotional level. Knowing that their parents only want what is best for them is hugely important, and keeping things civil for the benefit of the kids is some of the best divorce advice out there. Of course, this is certainly not always easy, as divorce is typically always a complicated emotional process, but it is something that will absolutely pay off in the long run.

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