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Why Your Workplace Should Invest in Conflict Resolution Professionals

Conflicts happen all the time, whether in the workplace, at home between couples, or between family members. While oftentimes conflicts are easily resolved with communication, patience, and time, sometimes they may demand more assistance to help facilitate the conflict resolution process. When this happens, the parties involved may enlist assistance from counselors and other professionals who have undergone enneagram training or have experience mediating workplace disputes, mediating a family problem or mediating a divorce, or are skilled in other areas of family law.

Deciding to bring in a third party to help settle a dispute, such as a divorce, is beneficial because it helps ensure that both sides are treated fairly. Take divorce, for example. In the United States, divorces happen about ever 36 seconds. That means there are about 876,000 divorces in the country each year. That is a lot of conflict that may need help being resolved. This is where divorce lawyers come in to play. Divorce lawyers are experienced with all aspects of family law and are well equipped to ensure all parties involved are able to reach a sort of agreement. For most people going through the divorce process, choosing to work with a divorce lawyers is a satisfactory experience.

Workplace conflicts are another common occurrence. Whether you’re an employee having a hard time working well with another co-worker or feel like you’re being unfairly treated by a manager, conflicts occur every day. Depending on the situation, those conflicts may benefit from the assistance of someone with enneagram training and other conflict resolution experience. This can be especially true for managers tasked with dealing with workplace conflicts. Did you know many managers spend up to 40 percent of their time trying to resolve workplace conflicts? It’s a big part of their jobs, so having someone on board to help with the process may be the missing link needed to resolve office conflicts more effectively. Especially when you consider the fact that more than half of employees and even many employers never receive basic conflict management training.

Does your office offer training for conflict resolution? If not, have your managers brought in outside help to help facilitate the conflict resolution process? Having the right team in place, during workplace conflicts and any other type of conflicts can go a long way in ensuring conflicts are resolved quickly and peacefully.

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