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When Criminal Attorneys Are Involved in Car Accident Cases

Many people don’t know that criminal attorneys are usually needed in certain car accidents. With so many car accidents, approximately 6 million, occurring every year in the United States, it’s imperative for every citizen to know what to expect in order to prepare for unforeseen situations like this. And to think that, on average, a rear-end collision occurs every eight seconds, many of these drivers and passengers get shaken up and shocked that it’s hard for them to think clearly about what they need to do.

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Therefore, you would certainly want to understand and know what to do at the crash site, as well as after the accident. Being prepared for everything that can happen in a car collision, whether it’s a minor fender bender or a serious crash, can make the steps go more easily and smoothly.

What takes precedence over all other steps is ensuring that everyone is safe and unscathed because safety is always the top priority. Check to see if your passengers and yourself have been injured. If anyone requires emergency medical treatment, you should immediately call for help.

Since a police report is required for filing insurance claims, remember to inform the police if no highway patrol or cops witnessed the collision.

Watch this video by FOX 17 Morning Mix, where you’ll discover the importance of criminal attorneys in certain car crashes and accidents.


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