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Whats the Difference Between Urgent Care and ER? Its Simple

Knowing the difference between ER and urgent care helps you make the ideal decision in emergencies. Here is an illustrated video patients can use to compare the two options. With the popularity of urgent care today, patients can choose how to receive healthcare. Emergency rooms are ideal for patients with life-threatening conditions, while urgent care providers can manage patients requiring immediate yet less care.

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Urgent care is also more affordable and easy to access than ER. Patients seeking urgent care don’t have to wait long to secure an appointment. Urgent care clinics can address various medical issues like flu and cold symptoms, minor cuts and those requiring stitches, strains and sprains, ear pain, fever, and minor burns.

Some medical problems requiring emergency care include drug overdoses, head injury, difficulty breathing, extreme chest pain, and severe burns and cuts. Many patients go to the emergency room unnecessarily because they lack sufficient knowledge. While medical care providers at the ER will always attend to patients, many of the patients don’t understand that the services are costlier. Going to an urgent care facility for an emergency the providers can’t manage can be risky. Picking the ideal facility can help create an overall effective system. The proper use of urgent care facilities frees emergency rooms to accommodate severe medical issues. It also reduces the demand for medical providers and physicians at the ER.

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