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The Legal Aspects of Accidents Involving Truck Rentals

Rental company accidents are a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the legal aspects of these accidents, when they occur, can be confusing and frustrating for those involved. Therefore, when a truck accident occurs, it is essential to understand what should happen next.

Companies for truck rentals provide drivers with the same level of insurance coverage that they provide their trucks. Insurance policies vary by state, but most states require that truck rentals carry liability insurance if someone is injured while operating the truck.

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Truck rentals may also be required to have property damage insurance if they rent out their vehicles daily.

The types of policies that truck rental companies must carry depend on their location and what kind of business they conduct. In most cases, these policies must include liability coverage for bodily injury or death and comprehensive coverage for damage to property of others. Comprehensive coverage provides financial protection for bodily injury or death caused by an accident involving another vehicle or object.

If you encounter a truck rental vehicle accident, you should contact a lawyer immediately after the crash to determine who should bear responsibility for the accident.

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