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Three Things Every 30 Something Needs to Know About Their Estate

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Equine law

You’re probably thinking that 30-40 years old is far too young for planning your estate. In all likelihood, you’re going to live another 40 years. So why bother?

Most of us know the answer, despite how much we like putting off this essential task. The unexpected is, by its nature, not something we truly plan on. But accidental deaths and incapacitations happen all the time. If you want to spare your family and friends unnecessary confusion if this happens, then you will want to do preliminary estate planning now. Here are three important parts of your estate that you might need to plan for.

1. Taking Care of Children

If you have young children, or plan on having children soon, you will probably want to make note of your wishes for them in your will. One option for parents with children is a re

How to Distinguish Between the Types of Family Law

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Affordable child support lawyers

The area of family law is typically a jungle thick with legal proceedings and in-court appearances. Though it covers many different topics, family law is really concerned with family divorce lawyers fighting for your rights to either your property or your children. There are a few main areas of family law to keep in mind when looking to find a family lawyer in your area who can help.

Determining custody

When two married partners are seeking a divorce, the issue of children always come into play during the proceedings. It must be determined which parents will get awarded custody, or if there will be some type of joint custody agreement. However, there is a such a thing as