Four Things You Must Look for in a Pittsfield Criminal Defense Lawyer

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The criminal law attorney plays a vital role in our justice system. Good criminal attorneys can ensure that innocent defendants avoid punishment and those who are found guilty receive fair treatment.

Although criminal defendants are considered innocent until they either plead guilty or are convicted in a court of law, they can easily be overwhelmed by a system that has the primary function of solving crimes. Good defense lawyers even the playing field between defendants and the rest of the system.




The duties of a criminal defense lawyer will begin with an examination of the charges themselves and how they were handled by the police. Such action may lead to a reduction or even dismissal of the charges. An emergency criminal lawyer should be sought if charges are imminent.

In cases where convictions are inevitable, good defense lawyers may have their clients plead guilty to lesser offenses, which can reduce their penalties. Throughout the legal process and even after a conviction, a lawyer will serve in the role of both adviser and advocate. This is why it is so important for those facing charges to seek the services of a criminal law attorney.



Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys have the unenviable task of representing clients who either have done wrong or who are pleading their innocence. They must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their clients are innocent, and that often takes a lot of work. A Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer could be good at this role, or he could fall short. This is why if you seek a Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer, you should look into several facets of this professional to make sure you like him.

One: The right Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will make you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you walk through the doors of his office. Of course, this is a lawyer we are talking about, and you have a case that is probably causing you anguish in some way or another, but a good Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will try and put all of that to rest and get down to business in a way in which you feel comfortable.

Two: The right Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will present himself in a professional manner, regardless of where he is presenting himself. This means he should be well dressed and look professional during your meeting with him and during any court appearances that are scheduled. His appearance should rarely change since his representation of you requires him to look a certain way.



Three: The right Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will look at all the facts and do some further digging to ensure he has everything possible regarding your case to help you win it. His sole task is to represent you and to convince a jury or a judge that you deserve to get a lesser punishment or no punishment at all if you pledge your innocence. However, a great Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will dig deep to find evidence that clears you or that builds up your character to hopefully get you a lesser criminal punishment, whether that punishment is jail time or the equivalent amount of hours in community service.

Four: The right Pittsfield criminal defense lawyer will care about nothing but your best interests. He could be part of a firm that also handles insurance defense cases and that employs Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and perhaps even a Pittsfield business attorney, but his focus must be on you. Your case is important to you, and a great attorney will give you the sense that he finds your case just as important as you do.

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