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Child Custody, Mediation And Estate Planning How To File For A Divorce

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Who do you turn to when facing legal issues? Be it a divorce with no conceivable financial conclusion or an attempt at applying for child support, choosing a divorce lawyer is the first step of many. They will help you file for an application, assist you with court hearings and ensure any additional needs on your end are met in a timely fashion. Not sure whether or not you need to file for distribution of marital property or domestic partnership? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions concerning divorce, marriage and child custody.

How Common Is Marriage?

Marriage is becoming less and less common for a variety of factors. While marriage was once seen as one of the best ways of becoming financially secure, many Americans are now seeking alternate routes to reaching their goals. The probability of a first marriage ending has grown to 33% over the past decade or so, while the probability of a first marriage ending in a divorce within five years is one in five.

How Common Is Divorce?

On an inverse scale, divorce is on the rise across multiple populations. While most common among younger adults, even older adults are seeing noticeable divorce rates. Studies have shown over 10% of the American population divorced at any given time and, on average, divorce proceedings can last around a year. Frequent legal issues faced by many are care and custody of the children, divorce settlement and alimony.

How Common Is Child Custody?

One of the most difficult aspects of filing for a divorce is that of child custody. The United States sees nearly two million children’s parents divorcing on a yearly basis, creating issues of financial distribution, emotional stability and social cohesion. The top three reasons clients seek out estate planning assistance are to avoid probate, minimize potential discord among beneficiaries and prevent children from the mismanagement of their inheritances.

How Common Are Wills?

There are still many Americans who do not have a will. According to a recent assessment by Business Insider, a will, living will and a durable power of attorney are the top three most important legal documents an American adult can have. These protect both you and your family from financial mismanagement and property loss in light of an unexpected accident. Even better, a will can be drafted in a mere 15 minutes and will create peace of mind for years to come.

Which Lawyer Can Help Me With Legal Issues?

If you are experiencing legal issues or simply need a consultation to help you figure out your next step, it’s important to contact experienced lawyers. A child custody attorney can help with the emotionally taxing process of deciding scheduled meetings, property management and counseling costs. A divorce lawyer will be able to decide the necessary applications, court hearings and mediation that comes with a divorce filing. Last, but not least, domestic partnership can be better decided with the aid of a family law firm. Legal issues are only as powerful as your resources. With a family lawyer on your side, you will have nothing to worry about.

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