Don’t Let a Legal Mistake Ruin the Rest of Your Life

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Criminal charges can severely affect your life. In addition to the potential jail time and high legal fines, you could also be left with a permanent record that could affect your residence and career choices later on. This is why it is especially troublesome when a teen or young adult is faced with criminal or drug charges. A single mistake at a young age can set the path for their entire adult life.

How to avoid letting it ruin your life

You made a mistake. You committed a crime. Even now, you can see that it was wrong, but you are still being threatened with permanent legal charges. You are still faced with potentially spending time in jail. Fortunately, the legal system recognizes mistakes and if this is a first time offense, many judges are willing to work with your, as lon

Different Types of Appeals in the US Courts of Appeals

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Did you know that each term more than 10,000 appeals are filed with the Courts of Appeal? Anyone who has recently gone through a trial is eligible to appeal their case if they believe that an error occurred throughout the process of their court hearing. The appellant, or person seeking an appeal on their trial, typically seeks help from an appellate attorney. Appellate attorneys gather evidence from the original trial to try to find flaws in certain aspects of the case, including evidence denied that should have been permissible or unfair sentencing. Appeals attorneys present their case in an appellate court, where the process of the previous trial will be evaluated. Appellate courts do not actually re-examine evid