Are You Struggling With A Foreclosure Or An Eviction?

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Real estate law has gone through multiple significant changes over the years, due in no small part to changing economic outlooks and new property law cases being brought to the forefront. California, for one, is a state with many unique particulars when it comes to the field of real estate law and needs to be treated as a separate entity if you’re looking to buy or sell a home. If you are struggling with signing a lease agreement or are concerned about foreclosure in the state of California, read below to learn more about your options.

History Of Real Estate

The act of owning, buying, distributing and selling property is not a new one. Real estate has been used as a legal means of organizing and applying land for centuries, originating now as houses, condominiums and ap

How to Ensure That Your Possessions Remain in the Family

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The very concept of ownership is one that is unique to the human race; we are the only creatures that ascribe significance onto a thing through definite possession. The ancient Egyptians viewed the afterlife as a continuation of their earthly lives, so it made sense to bury their possessions — both living and inanimate. There are few who continue this practice today, as wills and inheritances keep possessions where the deceased had designated — in fact, having a will could spare your family from financial and emotional distress.

The Need for Will Lawyers

A will acts as a listing of the deceased’s possessions and their intentions for those possessions. Without a will there is no guarantee that those possessions will stay with a family; some families are torn apart based on the lack