Three Odd, Animal Laws You Didn’t Know Even Existed

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Obviously, humans are the subject to nature, but perhaps you didn’t know that the reverse is true as well, or at least according to our law books. Several states have legal statutes making it illegal for animals to do certain things (or by extension, for animals’ owners to allow them to do those things).

Here are just a few wacky legal statutes attempting to control the behavior of animals that our own law research was able to dig up.

It’s Illegal For Llamas to Graze on City Property.

Believe it or not, Colorado has a legal statute stating that if a person owns, possess, or controls a llama, cow, goat, sheep, pig, horse, mule, or burro, they must not allow the animal to graze, pasture, or run on any city property. Most amusing about this legal statute, perhaps, is the