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Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help with an Uncooperative Physician?

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Q: Can a Social security disability lawyer convince an unsupportive physician to provide a letter on a claimant’s behalf?

A: Although there is no guarantee that any Social Security disability lawyer can convince a physician to support a claimant’s decision to apply for disability insurance, he or she can help expedite the process and help a claimant take the necessary next steps. The medical evidence provided is the foundation of a claim. An important piece of that medical evidence is the supportive letter a physician provides on behalf of a claimant. That letter will detail how the injury or condition affects a claimant, what limitations are caused by that injury or condition both for everyday routines and employment, the treatment, and the prognosis. Without that letter, a claimant has little hope of being approved for benefits. A Social Security disability lawyer is very experienced dealing with the Social Security review process and obtaining supporting evidence. He or she will know how to have an informed discussion with a physician who is either unresponsive or does not support a claimant’s decision to apply for disability. He or she may be successful in encouraging an unresponsive physician to provide that letter on the patient’s behalf. But he or she may not be able to convince a physician who truly does not agree with a patient’s decision to apply, in spite of all the background evidence a Social Security disability lawyer provides. If a physician decides not to provide the letter, a lawyer can help a claimant find a new physician in a timely manner and assist with gathering all the necessary supporting documentation. It would be wise for any claimant who currently has an unresponsive or uncooperative physician to seek assistance from a Social Security disability lawyer.


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