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A Conversation with Daniel Weiss of McCann Investigations

McCann Investigations handles digital and traditional private investigations in Bellaire, TX. We had a chance to ask Daniel Weiss, the company’s managing partner and a licensed private investigator, what it’s like to work in this exciting field.

Mr. Weiss, private investigation is a pretty uncommon job. How did you prepare for such an exciting career?

My years in the electronic security industry naturally evolved into private and digital investigations.

So how did that background help you get started in this field?

Because I come from an entrepreneurial business background and not law enforcement, I can easily connect and identify with other business people in understanding the nuances of their company from both an operational and a financial standpoint. This gives me a unique perspective that a PI with law enforcement background would not have.

I can see how that kind of perspective would be helpful. Did you use it to create a business plan?

My strong points are in sales and marketing. From a marketing standpoint, I always want to stay ahead of the curve, looking for potential opportunities. As the technology landscape has evolved to encompass every part of our daily and business lives, it was evident that there would always be an electronic footprint for every transaction or communication that took place. When we first started this business, it was more traditional private investigations. As the landscape changed, the business shifted to target the electronic and digital aspects of investigations. Now computer forensics is at the heart of 95 percent of all investigations.

It sounds like you’ve been able to change and grow with the times. Do you have any advice for others interested in starting their own businesses?

If you enjoy the challenge of creating something and watching it grow beyond your expectations, and you are able to flow and change with the ups and downs that you will undoubtedly face, then do it!

McCann Investigations is located at 4912 Bissonnet St. in Bellaire, Texas. For more information about McCann Investigations, visit or call (281) 456-2474.

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