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Have You Been Charged With a DUI? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know About Hiring a Lawyer

Driving under the influence continues to be a leading cause of death and disability throughout the United States. According to the CDC, the death rate of drinking and driving reached 10,467 people in 2016. And there are approximately 3700 car crash deaths per day throughout the nation. Read on for information about the legal consequences of being arrested for driving under the influence.

Can you go to jail for your first dui?

Absolutely. Judges often sentence individuals charged with driving under the influence to jail or prison if they have a particularly high blood alcohol level, if someone was injured or if there was reckless driving involved. Drunk drivers can also be charged with homicide or vehicular homicide in some jurisdictions, charges that carry the possibility of a lengthy custodial sentence. Make sure to speak with a lawyer before agreeing to any resolution.

Do you get a ticket for a dui?

It depends on the jurisdiction in which the offense was committed and other factors such as the defendant’s blood-alcohol level. There are cases where defendants are released with a summons to appear for their next court date and others where defendants are required to appear before the court and post bond before becoming eligible for release.

Good criminal lawyers, criminal defense firms, and federal criminal attorneys all do largely the same thing. Their purpose is to protect the rights of those who have been charges by the federal and state governments with crimes. If you need to find a good criminal lawyer for yourself, then here are a few important things that you need to how to find a criminal defense attorney.

1. One of the biggest ways that criminal law differs from civil law, is that the emphasis is more on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment. Most of the work done by a federal criminal defense attorney has to do with negotiating for things like bail, punishments, and jail or prison time. This kind of experience is particularly important if you need to find a criminal defense attorney who can help you end up with the least serious conviction possible for your situation.

2. According to the specifics of criminal law in the United States, Government supervision may be imposed, including house arrest, and convicts may be required to conform to particularized guidelines as part of a parole or probation regimen. These are some of the considerations you might not be able to get if you have not taken the time find a criminal defense attorney to help you with your case.

3. According to the legislature of criminal law, fines may be imposed, seizing money or property from a person convicted of a crime as reparations. Again, taking the time to figure out how to find a criminal defense attorney at qualified defense law firms to represent you is the best way to avoid some of the more intense of these punishments.

4. Actus reus, which is Latin for guilty act, is used to refer to the physical element of committing a crime. This is one of the first aspects that must be proven in a criminal case. Motive is often the next aspect of the crime that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

5. In the United States, the entire burden to prove that a crime has been committed is on the government, or the prosecution. The United States has a innocent until proven guilty rule that is meant to protect its citizens from wrongful prosecution.

If you have been charged with a felony, it is important to take the time to figure out how to find a criminal defense attorney with the experience necessary to provide you with the help you need. You will be paying them, so it is important to explore all your options and fins criminal defense law firms with as much experience as possible. Read more blogs like this.

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