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3 Types of Lead Certification Courses to Make You More Marketable

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Whether you’re a home construction/repair person, property manager, or some other type of profession that deals with buildings and houses lead certification courses are a great way to increase your marketability and career trajectory. There are various different lead inspector certification courses a person can go through that each hit on different specific things and follow certain guidelines and rules. While it would, of course, behoove someone who’s particularly interested in stream-lining their career to take every available lead certification courses out there, this is not feasible.

For years many houses and buildings were painted with lead-based paint. As evidence grew highlighting the dangers associated with such exposure this soon became a national health issue. The government has worked to reduce the amount of lead in paint by limiting the amount of lead in domestic paints. In December 1997 they set a limit of 0.1%.

Unfortunately, many homes and buildings built before this time have still not been renovated and fixed of this problem, which is why lead paint certification and lead renovator training is still a valuable skill. Here are three lead certification courses to think about taking if you’re working in this field.

  1. EPA Lead Certification: This is probably the most common and standard of lead certification courses. The EPA lead Renovator Certification training will equip you with everything you need to know about the basics of lead paint, dangers, and how to go about identifying it.
  2. Lead Dust Sampling: Similar to lead paint, lead can collect in dust that gathers in old homes as well. There is actually an entire EPA course dedicated to Lead Dust Sampling Technician Training so that you can collect dust and test that as opposed to the actual paint as that’s not always the only thing you need to worry about.
  3. Lead Project Designer: If you want to be involved/hired to help on a larger-scale project, you’re probably going to want lead project designer training. These lead certification courses are great for those that want to know how to go about work on an entire project that could be infiltrated with lead.

Expanding and improving upon your skills and certifications is one of the best, surefire ways to improve your marketability and resume. Consider one of these lead certification courses to do just that.

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