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Taking A Look At Common Personal Injury Cases In The United States

Personal injury cases are incredibly common here in the United States, there is simply no disputing this fact. After all, from car accidents to medical malpractice to injuries that are sustained in the workplace, there are no shortage of opportunities for these personal injury cases to occur. Fortunately, however, there are many competent lawyers waiting and ready to take on these cases, from car accident lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accidents of many different natures to other types of personal injury lawyers, such as those lawyers who choose to specialize in medical malpractice.

Car accident lawyers find themselves particularly busy here in the United States, as car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents have been found to make up the vast majority of personal injury cases – around 52% of them, followed only distantly by medical malpractice cases throughout the country. As up to six million car accidents will occur on U.S. soil on a yearly basis (leading to as many as three million injuries, some of life threatening and even drastically life changing), this is really no shock to the average person living here.

And aside from injuries sustained and dealt with by car accident lawyers, wrongful death cases also unfortunately originate quite frequently from car accidents of varying natures. The year of 2017 alone, for instance, saw more than 40,000 car accident related deaths. For many car accident lawyers, wrongful death cases are quite frequently seen and are anything but few and far between.

The cause of preventable car accidents, such as those that are handled by personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers, are many. For one, drinking while driving or driving while otherwise under the influence has already proven to be a considerable problem here in the United States – and likely in many other parts of the world as well. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject shows that hundreds upon thousands of people – often up to 300,000 of them – get behind the wheel while drunk or otherwise intoxicated over the course of even just one single day.

Unfortunately, the consequences of driving while impaired and under the influence, has proven to be hugely detrimental to the lives of many. In fact, as many as 28 people will die in a single day in drunk driving related incidents, and more will become injured, with a new person sustaining a drunk driving related injury for every span of two minutes that passes us by. And those who are driving under the influence of a substance that is not alcohol actually make up more than 15% (around 16%, to be more precise) of all car accidents that are sustained on a yearly basis throughout this one country alone.

But drunk driving is not the only cause of car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents here in the United States, as car accident attorneys will be able to attest to. Driving while distracted has proven to be another matter of concern. Driving while aggressive and speeding both present a risk as well.

And even outside of car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents are many a personal injury case. In fact, as many as 20,000 claims of medical malpractice are filed over the course of just one year here in the United States alone. This means that cases of medical malpractice actually make up around 15% of all of the personal injury cases that are filed in this one country in and of itself. In cases of medical malpractice, injuries sustained and deaths caused are prevalent, ranging from birth injuries caused by malpractice to mistakes that were made over the course of a surgery, one that led to further impairment or illness in the patient impacted by it.

At the end of the day, choosing the right lawyer is key to having a successful personal injury case. From car accident lawyers to the average medical malpractice lawyer, there are many skilled and experienced legal professionals who can help to solve a personal injury concern, getting the settlement money that the victim so very much deserves for their pain.

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