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In The Construction Business and Need a Lawyer? You Need To Know This

The construction industry is extremely prevalent. In fact, the construction industry in The United States was worth one billion dollars four years ago. Aside from the worth of the construction market, it isn’t a surprise that the construction business can be dangerous. Some construction workers become injured on the job in various ways. Additionally, the construction industry let go of 40% of it’s workforce in 2011 alone. Between work injuries and struggling to find permanent work, there are times when lawyers for construction companies are necessary. If you’re a construction worker or a company that needs a lawyer here is what you need to know.

When Do I Need A Construction Lawyer?

Firstly, the work construction workers engage in on site is very physical and very dangerous. Most contraction workers are required to use powerful, dangerous equipment which can lead to serious injury. Sometimes, slips, falls, and collapsing material can lead to serious injury as well. If you’re injured on the job (burns, head injury, broken bones, etc), it is imperative you find reliable lawyers for construction companies. A construction attorney will defend contractors who have been injured on the job. Additionally, their expertise, legal knowledge, and commitment to clients will help construction workers receive the most positive outcome.

Work injuries are not the only reason construction workers will need a construction attorney. Construction lawyers also defend construction workers and construction companies who receive faulty installation claims. Construction workers and companies can be sued by their client(s) for a variety of reasons. Some clients claim the workers perform and complete work with materials that are not up to standards, that they used incorrect methods, that there was property damage to the client’s house, belongings, etc., or the client claims the worker(s) failed to follow their contract. These are only some examples of faulty installation claims. If you’re a construction worker and have received a faulty installation claim for any of these reasons, it’s important to find a construction lawyer. Construction lawyers know which claims will be covered and which claims will not. Additionally, attorneys will fight insurance agencies for construction workers and construction companies. Construction lawyers will use their excellent knowledge, leadership, and familiarity with the legal aspect of the construction industry to assist construction workers and companies. Most importantly, they strive to receive positive results for their clients.

Construction workers are needed in times of natural disasters. For example, after Hurricane Harvey, the people needed to rebuild their homes and buildings. Water damage, flooding, and complete destruction of a structure take place. Once the hurricane has passed, construction workers are in high demand. However, this can pose problems for workers who are rebuilding homes and bussinesses. These problems consist of wage and safety issues. Sometimes, contractors, in these situations, do not give their workers the pay they deserve for the job. Construction workers are victim to wage theft. Construction workers don’t get paid for overtime as well as other types of payment issues. If construction workers find themselves in a similar situation where they believe they are victims of wage theft, they need a construction lawyer. Lawyers for construction companies will assist their clients in making sure they are paid properly. Additionally, if construction workers believe their safety is at risk, lawyers for construction companies will help with this as well.

All in all, there are various reasons construction workers need attorneys. Also, lawyers for construction workers strive to give their clients positive outcomes as they defend them.

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